Your Voice Matters!!!

Employees! Welcome to 2020 Survey-a-Palooza!

We understand this is a stressful time period for you all and feel now more than ever it is important for your voices to be heard. 

Below are surveys that we are asking for your participation in, the survey purpose, estimated time it will take, points and the instant result dashboards are found below. Your feedback does make a difference and is used to help the college improve learning and culture at Nebraska Methodist College. It is important that we hear all of our employee's voices.


Incentive Program

Lets have some FUN! For every survey you complete your name will be entered into a drawing the amount of points that are assigned per survey. We have gift cards to give away at the end. We designed this program to protect our your anonymity. In all of the surveys close to the end there is a link to click and enter your Methodist Email. This is a completely separate database and NOT tied to any survey responses. Please make sure after clicking the link and submitting your email that you go back to the initial window with the survey and submit the survey. You can only submit one response and your Methodist Email once per survey. 


Game: Where's Deb's Head - Bonus 5 points!

Our President, Dr. Deb Carlson has joined in on the fun. As you complete the surveys keep a running tally of all Deb's heads that you see throughout. Close to the bottom there is a survey link to enter the total number. 



Culture Audit Survey (Avg 4 minutes - 2 points)

Every year we collect data about the NMC culture. The results are used to guide what action steps are needed when we have opportunities to improve and also used to celebrate what we are doing right. Click Here for Instant Results


Bookstore Survey (3-8 minutes - 1 point)

Gathering feedback about the apparel, merchandise, and course materials to ensure we are offering what our employees and students want and need. Click Here for Instant Results


Ed Tech Survey (1 Question - 1 point)

Your feedback on support services and ensuring we are meeting your needs. 


iPad Technology Survey (3 Questions - 1 point)

Your thoughts on how effective it may be for students to use an iPad device in the near future and impacts on their learning experiences. Click Here for Instant Results


Retention Survey (3 Questions - 1 point)

You know our students best! Your thoughts on student attrition and how we can continue to increase our Retention Rates. Click Here for Instant Results


Great Colleges to Work For (5-10 minutes - 2 points for 80% Response Rate)

We are participating in this initiative designed to recognize colleges across the country that have demonstrated workplace excellence. We were recognized as a 2019 Great Colleges to Work For Honor Roll distinction. NMC was recognized in 6 categories: Collaborative Governance; Professional/Career Development Programs; Teaching Environment; Job Satisfaction; Work/Life Balance; Respect & Appreciation. If you were randomly selected then you should have received an email on March 8th. ***We will be using the response rate for the incentive program. If the response rate hits 80% then all employees get an additional 2 points. 


Where's Deb's Head? (1 Question - 5 points!)

Enter the amount of Deb heads that you came across throughout the surveys for bonus points! :)


You've Got To Move It, Move It! Join us for the Daily Challenge. (5 point potential)

Social distancing can be difficult when we are used to coming to campus, on-campus classes with students, attending meetings with co workers, socializing during lunch, etc. It is imperative that you give yourself appropriate breaks during this time to incorporate some exercise into your day.  

After you complete the daily challenge enter your email address in the below Google Spreadsheet and get a point every day of this week. 

Click Here to enter your name after the Daily Challenge!

  • 3/23 - 100 Jumping Jacks!
  • 3/24 - FaceTime (Video Chat) a Friend Today!
  • 3/25 - Walk outside for 20 minutes!
  • 3/26 - Email 5 Thank You notes to family, friends or co-workers!
  • 3/27 - Make Lunchtime Virtual: Connect with your co-worker(s). Schedule a Google Meet with your lunch buddy(s) and presto lunchtime is back on!