Cannot Login to My.methodistcollege?

If you cannot login to my.methodistcollege:
  1. Do you have a username and password. Your username/password for my.methodistcollege is the same as the username/password you use to log into your College e-mail account, or the computers at the College.

    a. I have a username from the College, but my password does not work for my.methodistcollege.
        Does your password work for your College e-mail account
            Yes - Then contact the NMC Ed Tech Help Desk at (402)354-7008 or by e-mail at (
            No - Click this link to register for Self-Service Password reset. 

    b. I have a username from the College, but I cannot remember my password.
         You will need to contact the Health System IT Operation Center at (402)354-2280 and ask them to reset your Network password. You are REQUIRED to know your student number. If you do not know this number, you will need to speak to the registrar’s office at 402-354-7231. 


Accessing Your Courses

To access any of the courses that you are enrolled in this semester, log into my.methodistcollege, click on the "My Courses" link on the left side of this page under the Quick Links area. Then click on the name of the course that you want to access.
The system will list courses under the "My Courses" link based on start and end dates of the course. Your courses should appear 2 weeks prior to the start of the course and will remain within the "My Courses" area until 2 weeks after the course end date.
To find the start and end dates for a particular course you are enrolled in, do the following.
If You Are A Student
  1. Click on the "My Student Information" tab
  2. Click on "Student Schedule" header or Click on "View Details" link on the Student Schedule portlet.
  3. The dates of the course are listed on the right hand side
If You Are Faculty
  1. Click on the "Faculty" tab
  2. Click on "View My Faculty Schedule" in the "Faculty Course Control" portlet

Link to NMC Computer Recommendations

Click here to see computer recommendations for Nebraska Methodist College
my.methodistcollege Questions
7.5 minute video going over multiple points about the my.methodistcollege environment.
Computer Questions
1 minute video explaining how you can determine which version of Internet Explorer you have on your computer.
6.5 minute video explaining how to record voice narration into your PowerPoint presentation.
NOTE: This is an for PowerPoint 2003. It should still be applicable to newer versions of PowerPoint.

How to Check your NMC Email

Prior to checking your emails you must register for Multi-Factor Authentication. For more information, click here: Registration Directions


To check your email from a computer or laptop, click here:


To check your email from a mobile device (e.g. iPad), download the Microsoft Outlook app to your device. 

Download instructions- 

iOS Instructions

Android Instructions