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Outstanding Staff Member of the Year award

Outstanding Staff Member of the Year award


Who has made your day in the past year? Or multiple days? Many staff members touch the college experience in different ways. Think of who you can’t thank enough for being here.  Staff members by definition are anyone who works at the college who doesn’t teach. Below are a few suggestions.


Financial Aid- Did your FA advisor make a stressful situation easy? Did they go above and beyond to help you?

Business Office- Did they keep you accountable? Did they handle your account well?

Ed Tech- Did they help you make a groovy Video for a class? Did they hook you up with a charger station?

Marketing- Did they assist you with a project? Let you use an awesome camera?

Advising- Was your adviser extra helpful? Did they customize your schedule to meet your life needs seamlessly?


We are asking students to really think about all those staff members that help here at NMC!

Here is the link below:


Due April 1st

The Ruth Berggren Elliott Master Teacher award

The Ruth Berggren Elliott Master Teacher award is an annual award given to a faculty member who demonstrates excellence in teaching as determined by students. Students are to write a nomination letter that must address one or more of the following criterion:

  • Teaching Effectiveness
  • Student Engagement
  • Faculty Communication
  • Creation of positive learning environment

We are asking students to really reflect on all your learning experiences with the various faculty here at NMC, whether it be in an undergraduate or graduate course and in an on-ground or online course format. Write a nomination to let us know who and how you have been impacted by a Master Teacher.


Here is the link below:


Due April 1st

Accessing Library Resources On Campus

If you are attempting to access library journals or database while on the NMC campus and are having issues, please see the attached picture that shows you how to verify the auto-detect option is checked in Internet Explorer for proxy settings. If this is NOT checked, then you will likely encounter issues.

Campus Hours

The badge hours are Sun-Sat 6:00 AM- 12:00 AM.


Anticipated Graduation Spring 2017

If you had applied for Graduation for Spring 2017, please check that you name is on this list. If your name is not listed, please contact the Registrar's Office.

This list is also available on the Graduation Information page.

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Problems with My Methodist? 
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