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Benefits of WAC

Instead of requiring extensive course work in writing, Nebraska Methodist College offers a Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) program, which integrates skill-building in writing into professional health-care courses.

Students can expect to receive instruction in writing as part of their professional course work. They are also expected to inform instructors about their writing needs. Resources posted here can also assist students as they build their writing skills.

In addition, NMC faculty members receive professional development in the pedagogy and assessment of writing.

Writing Assistance

NMC makes writing assistance available through each student's NetTutor account. Please see the steps for (1) "Creating Your Own NetTutor Account," and (2) "Uploading a Paper to NetTutor" in the tab under "Resources" entitled "Steps for Using NetTutor."

Fine Lines

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General Tips on Using Microsoft Word in Your Writing
Try using Google Chrome to view these "MOV" videos. Otherwise, try downloading to your computer.
Removing Extra White Space Between Paragraphs (MOV video) (.mov, 2437K)

This video shows how to remove the extra white space that sometimes appears between paragraphs in a Word document. APA style calls for double spacing throughout a document.

Removing Underlining/Colored Type from Internet Addresses (.mov, 1897K)

APA Style has not used underlining since its third edition. This video shows how to remove the underlining that Microsoft Word adds automatically to Internet addresses.

Using APA Style - Videos
Try using Google Chrome to view these "MOV" videos. Otherwise, try downloading to your computer.
Integrating Source Material from the Internet into APA Paper/PowerPoint (.mov, 11668K)

This video shows how to find the necessary information to correctly cite source material found in an Internet source.

Formatting APA Paper Using Microsoft Word (.mov, 5782K)

This video offers a step-by-step process of formatting pages in Microsoft Word so they follow APA-style "appearance" rules. Did you know that the format of the "Running head" line at the top of the title page differs from the "Running head" on the remaining pages of an APA-style paper?

Citing "Secondary" Sources in APA Style (.mov, 7410K)

This video shows how to credit ideas that appear as citations within a source you are reading, even if you have not actually read this "secondary" source.

The Correct Form for Titles Reported in the Body of an APA Paper/PowerPoint (.mov, 4052K)

This video shows the correct form that titles should take when a writer reports them in the body of a paper or on a main PowerPoint slide. (The form that titles on References lists take follows different rules.)

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Fine Lines
Information about Fine Lines (.doc, 45K)
Submission Guidelines (.doc, 28K)
Coffee House 2018 Resources
"Coffee House 2018" will be held in March 2018. Nominations are accepted year-round.
FAQs on NMC's "Coffee House" event (.docx, 20K)

FAQs on the annual "Coffee House" event

Faculty Nomination Form (.docx, 14K)
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.