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Purpose: We grow at NMC by embracing our heart, mind and body and ultimately create wisdom for each other and those we serve.

Core Value: Learning


  • Committee Opportunities - We have plenty of opportunities to participate at our college for all employees including faculty and staff. We encourage you to jump in and help us collaborate, the more employees that stay involved ensures us to continue our success. All of our committees have charters that you can click on and see who are members, roles, and purpose of the committee.
    • Click Here for the list of committees and charters.
    • Click Here to give an idea or feedback to a committee.
    • Click Here for more information on the Center of Health Partnerships.
  • Conferences - There is a wide variety of conferences our employees attend throughout the year. We believe in investing in our employees to continue their growth.
  • Center of Community Engagement - We highly encourage our employees volunteer and help with our students and community. Building upon a long history of community involvement and community-based learning, the Center works to focus NMC’s community outreach to deepen both community impact and student learning.
  • Educational Support - NMC Handbook (Section IV Campus Resources) - lists the employee educational growth benefits and tuition here at NMC. Click Here
    • Academy Programs
    • Tuition Assistance Program
    • Advanced Degree Support
    • Tuition Exchange Programs
    • Scholarships
    • Discounts
  • The Division of Professional Development - we offer health professionals the opportunity to maintain and enhance professional competency with the highest quality continuing education and professional development programming and the most up to date clinical information. Our goal is to provide educational opportunities to improve the practice of today’s professionals, while helping them work towards achieving the goals of tomorrow. Click Here for main Professional Development website.
  • Continuing Education - we offers year-round opportunities for enhancing your professional knowledge and skills. CE hours are given for multiple disciplines including nursing, social work, physical therapy, occupational therapy, mental health practitioner, and more! Speakers include local, regional, and national experts to ensure that healthcare professionals are receiving the most up to date clinical information.
  • Strengths Based College - we are a strengths based campus. All employees have taken the Clifton Strengthsfinder assessment and work together annually for a refresher on what those strengths mean to them. 
  • Spirituality Development Information - Click Here
  • THRIVE - NMC program that provides activities and support programs which positively affect the wellbeing of the NMC community. All employees will receive communications via emails and you can find more information by Click Here
  • Travel Package Policy - For all travel, please click below for the travel policy along with an easy to use checklist and form that will need to be completed in order for your travel expenses to be booked. Click Here for the Travel Package Policy

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