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Welcome to Nebraska Methodist College Online Orientation

Welcome to Nebraska Methodist College (NMC)! We are happy to have you as a part of our college. You are joining a rich tradition of healthcare education. We believe our mission and values are central to everything we do.
NMC's mission statement:
As a health professions institution, we provide educational experiences for the development of individuals in order that they may positively influence the health and well-being of the community.

Our Core Values

We are concerned for the well-being of all people and demonstrate this concern through kindness, compassion and service.

We expect the best from everyone and hold ourselves to the highest ideals of personal, professional and organizational performance.

We recognize and honor the interrelatedness of all things and all people, and are committed to the development of the whole person.

We embrace the experiential process by which knowledge, insight, understanding and ultimately wisdom are created for ourselves and those we serve.

We recognize and uphold the dignity and self-worth of every human being, and promote honest and forthright interpersonal communication and behaviors.

As an NMC Online student, you can expect to experience a holistic culture of caring, while mastering the art and science of healthcare. You will gain the skills and experience needed to make outstanding contributions to society, with community-based education and leadership development integrated throughout the curricula.
My Methodist and You
For any student, preparation is key and will help you be successful. One great way to prepare for your coursework is to complete this orientation.
We recognize that online learners have needs that are different from those of students in a traditional classroom setting, and we have made this orientation to benefit you specifically. We appreciate that our students come to us with diverse backgrounds and rich life experiences. We know that the majority of our online students are working full time and balancing multiple responsibilities, while furthering their education. This diversity in experience and lifestyle is a beneficial foundation for online learning, which will enrich your experience as a student, as well as influence the educational experience of your classmates.  In preparation for this life-changing experience, we ask that you take some time to work through this Online Student Orientation prior to beginning your first course. It is imperative to your success as a student that you know how to use the student portal, My Methodist, and that you are aware of the resources available to you as an online student. You will utilize My Methodist for a majority of your school work, including accessing syllabi and turning in assignments.
Please be aware that if you are using an iPad or other mobile device, some information on the orientation and in will be rearranged or look different. 

Instructions for Orientation

1. Review Each Module (1-5)


Recommended Readings


Module 1

What is this system?


How do I use this?


Review all information provided.

Update your personal information and add a picture.

Module 2


Online Student Success

Stay Connected, Organized, and Focused


Academic Integrity


Review all information provided.  

Module 3



Online Student Support

Know your Advisors, Program Directors, Office of Student Engagement, and Financial Aid Representatives
The John Moritz Library


Review all information provided.

Add your advisor and/or financial aid counselor to your address book or contacts.






Module 4




Essential College Policies

Online Student Participation Guidelines


Drop/Add Policy and Business Office FAQs


Academic Integrity


Social Media Policies
Immunization Requirements


Review all information provided.

If you are in a program with a clinical or practicum requirement, including RN-BSN, RN-MSN, MSN, and Ed.D., open up a CastleBranch account to begin the immunization verification process.  DNP students will open a Typhon account, and your program director will send you those instructions.

Module 5



Introduction Forum/Discussion Board



Provide an introduction/bio regarding your personal and professional lives. Please add where you live and work so that everyone knows the city and state of your residence. You can also add a picture of yourself or family as an attachment.


2. Complete the Orientation Evaluation
3. Review video tutorials as needed. These include how to view the calendar and what an online course looks like.