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Nebraska Methodist College utilizes the PaperCut printing solution software. As part of this project, we have also upgraded the student area printers to SAVIN multifunction units. These offer faster and more reliable printing as well as the ability to make copies and scan to USB drive. Each student will be given a set amount of prints with each page counting as one print. This means that if you utilize duplex which is turned on by default, you will be charged for one print instead of two. The cost per page is 5 cents with color printing set to 10 cents per sheet. Currently the system is set to alert you of low funds when you reach a balance of 75 cents. You are allowed to "go negative" up to -$2.50 before your account is locked and you are prevented from printing any more.
Should a student need to print more than the semester allotted amount, another student can "donate" prints OR a print voucher card can be purchased in the bookstore or in the business office. If these locations are closed, cards can be acquired at the Clark Building front desk by signing an agreement form to be billed later. The number from the card is then entered into the PaperCut system. Specific directions can be found in the instructional handouts below. Balances are reset at the beginning of each semester, but purchased funds from voucher cards are carried forward.
If there are any issues or questions pertaining to printing, please email or call the Ed Tech help line 354-7008.