In an effort to be as paperless as we can, Nebraska Methodist College has implemented PaperCut for student printing this Fall 2022. PaperCut will allow you to print from any of the public computers in the Clark 2nd floor engagement area as well as from the computers in the study rooms. At this time there is no option to print from your iPad or non-NMC computers. The default printer options for your location are preloaded, and when you print you will see in papercut how much you have available in funds. The print job will be waiting for you to release at the printer. Please see the various sections below on how you print at NMC. The METHODISTHOLDQUEUE will no longer work to release prints on these printers.
All students will start off with 100 free prints. Pages are 5 cents a sheet ($5 initial credit). If you choose to print more than that, you will need to purchase additional prints referred to in "Add Funds" section below.
If there are any issues or questions pertaining to printing, please email or call the Ed Tech help line 402-354-7008. 

Printing from the Computer

When you log into an NMC computer in the engagement center or in the study rooms, you will have an app launch and a "P" show up in the bottom right hand corner of the screen by the clock. There is a window showing your account and the $ available to you. Beyond that you just print as normal - File--> Print and you'll then see your printer options with one set as default. Hit print and then go to the printer to release the job. Please read the guide linked to below for more information on printing.




Accessing the Printer

There three ways to log into the printers in the public areas:

  • Network login

  • Student ID Number

  • Badge swipe (after enrolling)

Please read the brief PDF guide linked to below.




Adding Funds

If you need to print more than the 100 pages given - you will need to purchase prints. You must log in to a shared computer on campus (engagement or study areas) in order to do this. The internal PaperCut site is located at http://w2k19papercut1:9191/user and you log in with your network username and password. Please see the guide below on adding funds.




Request a Refund

If for whatever reason you are charged for a print job that didn't print or partially didn't print, you can request a refund. Log in to the NMC PaperCut site (from an NMC computer) at http://w2k19papercut1:9191/user and go to your print jobs. You'll see an option to request a full or partial refund there. Please see walkthrough guide below.