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Beyond New Year’s Resolutions — Make ‘Faithful Intentions’

Love (and forgive) yourself
We often hear “love your neighbor as yourself.”
What does that really mean? I struggled with thinking
loving the self was, well, selfish.
Now, as an adult, I understand that you cannot love
and accept others if you do not love and accept yourself.
You cannot express unconditional love
if you do not first practice it with yourself.

There is a beautiful song by the Bluegrass band Mountain Heart that lists the writer’s transgressors and his success in forgiving them. Notice the last line.

I forgive my daddy for missing half my life,
I forgive my momma for holding on too tight,
I’ve forgiven friends, strangers, neighbors, family,
Everybody… everybody… but me.

Holding on to guilt can impact relationships because it blocks the flow of communication, of love itself. Practice grace — with yourself. You can’t truly live your life until you do.

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You are invited to come join the Ignite Bible Study for the spring 2018 term.


We will meet on Monday evenings from 4:30pm until 6pm in the Chapel in the Leinart Building. (beginning Monday January 15, 2018)

Come as you are, no need to prepare anything!

We will pray with one another and go over God's word in the Bible.


Also, Fridays we will gather for lunch in Clark dining at noon.

(beginning Friday January 19, 2018)


Any questions please contact Sara Ferguson or Margarete Letson

Thank you and happy new year!

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