Welcome!  Thank you so much for volunteering for the Mobile Diabetes Unit.  Before your assigned day, complete the required training modules to ensure you are safely prepared. Ask your instructor what training modules are applicable for your screening event. Please also review all of the MDC Policies found under the Policy and Procedure tab.  If Flu Shots will be given at the MDC event, please review the Flu Shots (seasonal) tab. 

The Mobile Diabetes Center is a partnership between Nebraska Methodist College Center for Health Partnerships and the Cosmopolitan, Cornbelt Diabetes Connection

Mobile Diabetes Center Mission

The partnership works to expand and deepen community health impact by providing NMC students, faculty and alumni with an opportunity to address diabetes health issues for a variety of urban and rural populations.

Mobile Diabetes Center Goal and Objectives

Provide diabetes related health screenings in urban and rural communities

Objective 1:  Assessment

Objective 2:  Screening

Objective 3:  Education

Objective 4:  Referral


Nebraska Methodist College Mobile Diabetes Center began providing services in January of 2011.  The Mobile Diabetes Center (MDC), gasoline, driver and all screening supplies are provided by the Cornbelt Federation of Cosmopolitan International.  Nebraska Methodist College faculty, students and alumni staff the MDC.

Population Served:

We serve Nebraska and Eastern Iowa


Cosmopolitan International ~ Cornbelt Federation

Nebraska Methodist Health System Community Benefits Office

Services Provided:

All services are non-diagnostic screenings and are not intended for diagnosis. 

      Non-diagnostic Screenings:

  • Blood Pressure
  • Height/Weight/Body Mass Index
  • Self Assessment Risk Score for PreDiabetes and Diabetes
  • Blood Glucose
  • Hemoglobin A1c
  • Foot Assessment
  • Flu Shots (seasonally based on availability for underserved and underinsured)

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Andrea Peak, Program Coordinator

Phone: 402-671-3283

Email: Andrea.peak@methodistcollege.edu 


Kiley Petersmith MSN, CPEN, CPN

Phone: (cell) 402-707-0441

Email: kiley.petersen2@methodistcollege.edu