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IRB Chairperson - Marla Kniewel Ed.D MSN, RN.

IRB Vice Chairperson- Mary Partusch Ph.D, RN   

IRB Administrator- Amy Clark, Ph.D MSW LCSW (VPAA) 

IRB Legal Counsel - Lindsay Snipes, J.D.

IRB Manager - Virginia Holland, BA


IRB Members:

Meg Blair, Ph.D., MSN, RN -NMC Undergraduate Nursing 

Hilary Applequist, DNP, APRN – NMC Graduate Nursing

Lane Sidebottom, D.H.S. – NMC Health Professions 

Harsha Sharma, Ph.D.   – NMC Arts & Sciences 

Kerri Gilson MSN, RN - NMC Professional Development 

Mark Araujo MS - NMC Community



Alternate IRB Members:

Jenny Elbracht, MSN, RN - Undergraduate Nursing 

Mary Partusch, Ph.D. RN - Graduate Nursing

Whitney Robertson, Ph.D. - NMC Health Professions

Sophie Feng, Ph.D., M.D. NMC Arts & Sciences

Jillian Sisson, DNP, RN - NMC Professional Development

Will Roberts, Ed.D. – NMC Community 


Community Affiliates: 

Lyle Person

Becky McNeil

Carol Bosse

Click the link to complete the Orientation. A completion certificate will be emailed to the IRB Chair as proof of completion.

IRB Member Orientation