IRB Chair - Marla Kniewel EdD, RN  

IRB Administrator- Amy Clark, PhD, MSW, LCSW (VPAA)

IRB Legal Counsel - Ryan Kirshenbaum, J.D.

IRB Manager - Virginia Holland



IRB Members:

Meg Blair, PhD, RN -NMC Undergraduate Nursing 

Tracy Ozzello, EdD, RN – NMC Graduate Nursing

Lane Sidebottom, PT, DHS  - NMC Health Professions 

Allison Kinney Walker, EdD - Arts & Sciences 

Spencer Vogt, PhD - NMC Community 



Alternate IRB Members:

Allison Grandgenett    MSN, RN - Undergraduate Nursing 

Courtney Kennedy, DNP, RN - Graduate Nursing

Keisha Bosan, EdD, RT – NMC Health Professions 

Sophie Feng, PhD, MD   – NMC Arts & Sciences 

Rachel Montagne MSN, RN - NMC Community


Community Affiliates: 

Deb Anderson Pappas

Brianna Conyers

Member Orientation & Quiz

Click the link to complete the Orientation. A completion certificate will be emailed to the IRB Chair as proof of completion.

IRB Member Orientation

Do Federal Regulations apply?

This video covers information from the Office of Human Research Protection (OHRP) on determining if a protocol is research or not.

Click on the link to access the video:

Back to Basics: Does My Project Fall within the Scope of Regulations?