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Here you will find many resources to support you in your teaching and learning endeavors. Please check back here often as we will be continually updating materials and let us know if you have ideas for how to improve it.


"The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education." Martin Luther King, Jr.

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To begin access these various resources, click on one of the images or titles below. You will also find links to the various areas of this site on the left, which you can access at any time. On the right, there are helpful announcements, links to RSS Feeds, as well as accomplishments in teaching and learning that we are highlighting. Let the adventure begin!

Overview: This section provides an overview of the work that the Faculty Development Committee and the Center for Research, Education, And Teaching Excellence (CREATE!) does. Here, you will also find contact information for faculty and staff.

Learning Modules & Opportunities: We offer a host of opportunities to help support you in your teaching and learning endeavors. Here you will find eLearning modules that you access online, video recordings of events that we have hosted, information about Faculty Interest Groups (FIGs) that you can join, and much more!

Evidence-Based Course Development Resources: Evidence-based approaches are becoming important in a number of disciplines and education is no exception. We are continuing to work on a set of evidence-based guidelines, assessments, and course development processes to help you. Visit this part of the site to access these resources.

Resources to Support Teaching & Learning: Articles, blogs, conferences...there are so many different resources that can help you to continually improve as an educator. We are continually gathering and distilling these kinds of resources and have compiled some of them into different categories for you on this part of the site.

Funding Opportunities: Are you wanting to attend an upcoming conference related to teaching and learning? Do you have an idea for a project in which you would like to explore how to improve the quality of teaching and learning? If so, we may have the money to help support you! Visit this part of the site to learn more.

Recognition & Awards: There are a number of opportunities to nominate and apply for awards at our college as well as nationally. Here, you will find information on some of these awards in addition to resources to support you in the quest for recognition of excellence.

Scholarship & AiR Support: This part of the site contains resources to support you in your scholarship and Advancement-in-Rank (AiR) endeavors. Everything from presentation opportunities to mentors to ePortfolios. Click here to learn more!

NMC has a syllabus template that you can use for your courses. There is also a checklist that you can use to help ensure that your syllabi are not missing any major features. Click on the images below to access these resources:

Syllabus Template

Syllabus Checklist


Syllabus Checklist - Graduate