Teaching in real time

One method of teaching online is to maintain your class schedule and offer your classes via live video.  This is also called synchronous.  This allows you to continue to offer your traditional lecture at the same day and time, and for your students to interact with you in much the same way they would in your traditional classroom.  The primary method NMC uses for this type of delivery is Webex.  Zoom Meetings is an alternative to Webex.   The steps you will need for this type of delivery are listed below for both Webex and Zoom.

Even though you are still delivering a “live” lecture I would encourage you to explore a more blended approach to teaching.  Please explore the Sample Week or Lesson Online Delivery Structure module in this course.  It has been adapted from ACUE and has great examples of how you can integrate additional online teaching strategies into your courses.



Alternatives to live lecture

There are many alternatives to live lecture that are worth exploring.

Google has rolled out free advanced hangouts video conferencing for all educational institutions.  Matt has recorded a video exploring this option.



Step 1 - Get a Webex, Google or Zoom Account

In this rapidly changing landscape you might want all three accounts.  Once you learn to deliver content in one of these environments the others are very easy to adapt to.  


If you do not already have a Webex or Google Account you can request one for free through the NMC Helpdesk at or 402-354-7008.


You can also set up a personal Zoom account for free. The web address is:

There are great resources on using zoom in education here:


Google Hangouts meet

Here is a page to help with Google Meets



Step 2 - Activate your Webex account

Step 3 - Creating a Webex Meeting

Using Webex with an iPad - Video


Using Webex via a browser - video


Using Webex for Online Meetings_Training_updated _Modern Look.docx - Step Card


Resources from Cisco/Webex

This has great resources for college faculty as well as students (and parents)



Step 4 - Student Access to Webex Meetings

Setting up a Google Meeting

Thank you to Heather Henrichs for this quick video on Google meetings.

Step 5 - Leverage MyMethodist

Leverage MyMethodist and other online tools to distribute and collect homework, host discussions, manage quizzes and grading.



Please share your strategies

There are many other options and tools available.  Please share your online teaching strategies in the forums section of this course.