Purpose: NMC Celebrates you by fostering a spirit of celebration and recognition throughout your journey.

Core Value: Celebrate

NMC Recognition

  • Dove Recognition for Peer to Peer Recognition
    • Demonstrating Organizational Values Everyday! Celebrating employees throughout NMC that embody our core values, and go above and beyond the expected: Caring, Excellence, Holism, Learning, and Respect.
      • Click Here to submit a Dove Award. Select the core value that best suites the action for recognition. If you would like to submit for more than one core value then submit a nomination for each core value. This is a great way to thank your peers for their hard work! They will receive a certificate via their email and your submission will be displayed on the You Matter Dashboard.


  • Employee Personal Preferences for Peer to Peer Recognition
    • As a part of our culture, we encourage you to thank the people around you for the hard work that they do. We all impact each other. Hand write a thank you note or click below for all employees favorite preferences from a candy bar to their favorite color! Maybe it is your co-worker’s Birthday and you would like to celebrate them by buying them their favorite soda!
      • Click Here to view your peers personal preferences on the You Matter Dashboard, navigate to the Personal Preference page.
      • Click Here if you are not listed in the dashboard and would like to be.


NMC Awards

Ruth Berggren Elliott Master Teacher Award

  • An annual award given to a faculty member who demonstrates excellence in teaching as determined by student’s. Students are to write a nomination letter that must address one or more of the following criterion:
      • 2022 Lindsay Schmad
      • 2021 Kate Malmberg
      • 2020 Heather Henrichs
      • 2019 Cathy Barnes
      • 2018 Kari Wade
      • 2017 Melissa Kimmerling
      • 2016 Sarah Shomshor
      • 2015 Abbie Hallgren
      • 2014 Heather Henrichs & Harsha Sharma


Staff of the Year

    • An annual award given to an NMC staff member to recognize outstanding contributions in a co-curricular, support, or administrative function that helps to engage the student experience and is determined by the students. 
      • 2022 Andrew Skarka
      • 2021 Katie Meints
      • 2020 Jenny Christian
      • 2019 Lisa Johnson
      • 2018 Jackie Lee
      • 2017 Michael Schweikert
      • 2016 Victoria Campbell
      • 2015 Erika Pritchard
      • 2014 Michael Schweikert



Jean Schmidt Beyer Spirit Award

  • The legacy and gift of Dr. Jean Beyer. This award represents the spirit we wish to honor and nurture here at NMC, which creates a sense of purpose and belonging for all college personnel. Nominees are employees who actively seek to build relationships with colleagues and students alike.  This is demonstrated through Nebraska Methodist College’s Core Values, as outlined below. Winners are chosen from the Dove recognition nominations from the previous year and announced at May Forum.
      • 2020 Margarete Letson
      • 2019 Dean Tickle
      • 2018 Gina Wagner


Light of Wellness Award – Presented by WELLCOM

    • 2018 Samantha Barnhart
    • 2017 Sarah Stenger
    • 2016 Melissa Kimmerling
    • 2015 Lisa Fuchs
    • 2013 Cathy Beck


Faculty Senate Peer Recognition of Teaching and/or Service and Scholarship

    • An annual award provided to a NMC faculty member based on excellence in teaching and/or excellence in service and scholarship as determined by the members of the Faculty Senate General Assembly. Nominees for excellence in teaching should demonstrate qualities that reflect NMC’s four key areas of teaching and learning; communication, collaboration, active learning, and respect. Nominees for excellence in service and/or scholarship should demonstrate qualities in a non-teaching role that reflect service to community, committee(s), research, and/or peers.
      • 2018 Keisha Bosan
      • 2017 Dr. Heather Henrichs
      • 2016 Anna Nesheim
      • 2015 Echo Perlman
      • 2014 Colleen Steinhauser


The Horizon Award

  • The most prestigious recognition award presented by NMC Alumni Association. One alumni per year per category may be recognized for outstanding achievement in one of the following categories. An alum may receive the Horizon Award only once in their lifetime. Winners are honored at the Alumni Reunion Dinner in October. Horizon Award Categories:Clinical Excellence
        • 2017 Blake Smith (2012 Graduate)
        • 2016 Paula Stapleton
        • 2016 Greg Opseth
        • 2015 John Plank
        • 2014 Andrea Staton


Honorary Alumni

    • Bestowed on individuals who have adopted the College as their own through uncommon and outstanding service, substantial and continuing commitment, and loyalty. In recognition of the expressions of goodwill, the Alumni Association annually inducts those who are particularly deserving to be recognized as honorary members of the Alumni Association. Honorary membership in the NMC Alumni Association is reserved for individuals whose interest and service make such a membership significant. Honorary membership shall confer all membership privileges and responsibilities. Winners are honored at the Alumni Reunion Dinner in October.
      • 2017 Spence Stevens
      • 2016 Dr. Deb Carlson and Leo Adam Biga
      • 2015 Lee Harlan
      • 2014 Richard Hahn, Victoria Campbell, Dr. Roger Anderson


You Touched My Life Award

    • An annual award given to an individual that made a difference in someone’s life and will never be forgotten. It can be large, like making a discovery that significantly made a difference in their overall health and/or recovery. It can be a helping hand, like a person who went above and beyond while caring for an individual. This award was established by Lee Harlan in 2017.
      • 2017 Theresa Alvarado (1978 Graduate)


Exemplary Teacher The United Methodist Church: General Board of Higher Education and Ministry

    • An annual award given to an NMC faculty member to recognize outstanding contributions to the learning arts and to the institution as determined by the students. This award helps to express the church’s support of and appreciation for faculty who have demonstrated exemplary leadership, excellence in teaching, service to students and commitment to education.
      • 2017 Lori Shaw-Warren
      • 2016 Shannon Struby
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