Purpose: We recognize and uphold the self-worth and dignity of each other and honor your next journey.

Core Value: Respect

Supervisor Resources:

  • Offboarding Checklist – If the time comes for you to find the next, highly-qualified addition to your team, please complete this checklist.
  • Performance Manager – Allows managers to maintain job descriptions in a centralized location with change support provided by Human Resources, complete online performance appraisals based on the job description and receive automated email notifications when tasks are done.

Employee Resources:

  • Knowledge Transfer Form – This form allows the employee to write down important information about their role that they want to pass on to other employees.
  • iPad Return Checklist - If you have an iPad, please return this completed form to Ed Tech department along with your iPad and accessories. If you have any questions, please email Ed Tech, nmchelp@methodistcollege.edu

Share Your Ideas! You Matter! Please share your ideas and feedback with us on the helpful resources we have provided above.