Purpose: Providing you with the tools to succeed at NMC, including understanding our history, mission and values, ensures a successful integration to NMC culture.

Core Value: Holism

Supervisor Resources:

  • OnBoarding Supervisor Checklist – When the time comes for you to on-board your new hire to your team, complete this checklist to ensure they have all they need to start their journey at NMC.
  • Performance Manager – Evaluate each new employee at six months, as well as one year. This allows managers to maintain job descriptions in a centralized location with change support provided by Human Resources, complete online performance appraisals based on the job description and receive automated email notifications when tasks are done.

Employee Resources:

  • Onboarding Employee Checklist - When your new hire arrives, please have them complete this checklist. This will ensure that they have information that they need to be onboarded.
  • NMC Employee Handbook & Information – This page contains the NMC Handbook, NMC Overview, College Leadership, Board of Directors, and the Employee Directory. The handbook is designed to familiarize you with the policies and benefits for employees of Nebraska Methodist College (NMC). This handbook contains summaries and general overviews, important policies and procedures relating to all NMC employees, as well as specific policies and procedures relating to NMC faculty. Employees of NMC are governed not only by this handbook, but also by the Nebraska Methodist Health System (NMHS) Employee Handbook.
  • NMHS Employee Handbook – This handbook is provided to employees of Nebraska Methodist College as an overview of our history, goals, HR policies, benefits and expectations. Please review this material, and if you have questions, contact your supervisor or Human Resources for more information.
  • NMC Program Contact Sheet - This excel document is updated by Admissions once a year (Fall Term) and contains a list of our programs, Admissions Coordinator, Advisor, Financial Aid Counselor, Program Director and more. 

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