If you are working on one of your courses and would like support, we would love to journey with you through these processes!

The following are the kinds of consultations and support that CREATE! staff and/or Faculty Development Committee members may be able to provide to you:

  • Support for each phase of the course development process: Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, & Evaluation
  • Redesigning a course in part or in whole
  • Refining specific course elements: objectives, activities, course organization, resources, assessments, etc.
  • Reflecting on student course evaluations, assessment data, etc. to help improve the course
  • Training for specific educational technologies to use in your course
  • Conducting "In-Progress" chats with students to help improve the course
  • Conducting observations and assessments of your course for continuous quality improvement purposes
  • Discussing and/or troubleshooting concerns that you have about one of your courses
  • Identifying resources and professional development opportunities to support you in your course development endeavors
  • And much, much, more!

Begin by contacting one of us to determine what your needs are and how we might proceed (click on the image above to access our contact information).

A Community of Support

Our community here at the college is blossoming with innovation, creativity, and expertise!

 Whether you are interested in trying something new and different in one of your courses or struggling with a specific part of your class, chances are that there is someone who can help you. Click on the image above to access a list of resident experts for different teaching strategies. To access a list of super-users for specific technologies, click on the image below. For a list of officially supported technologies, see further below.

If you would like help with an area not listed in these documents, contact us and we will find you the support that you need!