CREATE! Badges

CREATE! is proud to offer a series of badges that participants can earn by actively engaging in professional development opportunities. Overall, the purposes of these badges are to: 1) Continually improve the quality of teaching and learning on our campus by "incentivizing" professional development; 2) Recognize participant efforts towards their own ongoing professional development, which may be used to help with Contribution Reviews and Advancement-In-Rank; and 3) Encourage participants to integrate what they are learning from professional development opportunities into their courses/programs. To see the badges that we currently offer, click on the image below:


These badges may be earned for ANY professional development opportunity related to teaching and learning that instructors and staff engage in, whether these opportunities are offered by CREATE! or another entity. As long as participants are able to clearly demonstrate the level of competency for each badge, they will be awarded the corresponding badge.

 To begin accessing CREATE! programs, visit the Learning Modules & Opportunities page. For more information about badges, contact CREATE! Staff.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

In partnership with Professional Development (click on the image above), we are excited to be able to offer Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for a number of the programs that we offer. Depending on the program, CEUs may be used towards licensure requirements. Programs that are available for CEUs will be listed with the program. To begin accessing these programs, visit the Learning Modules & Opportunities page. For more information about CEUs, contact CREATE! Staff.