Asynchronous Instruction

When most people think of traditional online instruction they are thinking of asynchronous instruction.  This technique leverages many different tools to deliver and receive materials to and from students.  In our case we are using MyMethodist (Spring) or D2L Brightspace (Summer).  For those of you that have been offering on campus "live" lectures you will now have the choice of delivering your courses in real time (see the Synchronous teaching section) or via a recorded lecture now delivered on MyMethodist for this spring's lectures. 

The workflow to record your lectures is relatively simple.  You can record your lectures on your iPad using screen recording or the camera, or using Yuja on a Mac or PC.  Once you have a lecture recorded you can use Yuja to store, create a link, and subtitle your video, then add the link to the video in MyMethodist.  Detailed step by step instructions are included below.



Get a Yuja account

If you do not have a Yuja account or have forgotten your username or password, please contact the NMC Helpdesk at or 402-354-7008.



Lecture Recording Strategies

Recording your content on an iPad and linking it to MyMethodist

Recording your lecture in YuJa

Linking your video content to a MyMethodist course

Managing Courses in MyMethodist

Please share your strategies

There are many other options and tools available.  Please share your online teaching strategies in the forums section of this course.