Recognition & Awards

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However, once we have our resources together, it will be fully functioning! Regardless, we have added as much information to this site as we are able to at this time, so that you will know what to expect in the future - enjoy! 


We work in a community where excellence is continually occurring in classrooms, offices, and meeting rooms. The challenge is being aware of and recognizing all of this wonderful work! In pursuit of this, there are a number of awards that are available to highlight and celebrate yours and others' efforts. This page therefore contains information about some of these awards as well as information for how to submit nominations for them. 

Peer Recognition Awards

There are two awards related to teaching and service that are granted at our college: Peer Recognition of Teaching and Service and the Ruth Bergren Elliott Master Teacher Award.

The Peer Recognition of Teaching and Service are awards that are overseen by the Faculty Development Committee...

The Ruth Berggren Master Teacher Award recognizes each recipient for their teaching effectiveness and support of student learning. The award process involves student government soliciting nominations and a selection committee comprised of a representative from student government board, faculty senate representative group, and the deans to review the nominations and make a recommendation to the VPAA. For more information, contact... 

EBCD Course Award

Note: The Evidence-Based Course Development Feedback Forms are still being developed. Until these forms are finalized, this award will not be offered. 



Each spring, the Evidence-Based Course Development (EBCD) Course Award is intended to recognize courses that score exceptionally high on EBCD Feedback Forms. These forms are based on evidence-based guidelines adapted from literature and other evidence-based course assessment tools. Courses that score at or above a Level 2 for each guideline on these feedback forms will be recognized for their excellence. Those courses that meet these standards and score at a Level 3 for all core guidelines will be recognized for being "Exemplary." 

To submit your course for review and consideration for this award, contact CREATE! Staff. To access the EBCD Feedback Forms, as well as additional resources to support your evidence-based course development, visit the EBCD Resources page.


CREATE! Badges

CREATE! is proud to offer a series of badges that participants can earn by actively engaging in professional development opportunities. Overall, the purposes of these badges are to: 1) Continually improve the quality of teaching and learning on our campus by "incentivizing" professional development; 2) Recognize participant efforts towards their own ongoing professional development, which may be used to help with Contribution Reviews and Advancement-In-Rank; and 3) Encourage participants to integrate what they are learning from professional development opportunities into their courses/programs. To see the badges that we currently offer, click on the image below:


These badges may be earned for ANY professional development opportunity related to teaching and learning that instructors and staff engage in, whether these opportunities are offered by CREATE! or another entity. As long as participants are able to clearly demonstrate the level of competency for each badge, they will be awarded the corresponding badge.

 To begin accessing CREATE! programs, visit the Learning Modules & Opportunities page. For more information about badges, contact CREATE! Staff.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

In partnership with Professional Development (click on the image above), we are excited to be able to offer Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for a number of the programs that we offer. Depending on the program, CEUs may be used towards licensure requirements. Programs that are available for CEUs will be listed with the program. To begin accessing these programs, visit the Learning Modules & Opportunities page. For more information about CEUs, contact CREATE! Staff.